Men's Room

Gallery 1

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The following photos feature products designed and manufactured by us for our Clients world wide.

Given to us by a happy flyer
Xmas present gift wrapped already?
I wonder where he is now?
Can I get out now?
Nice old bag, and the latex bodybag is nice too
Ye Olde Hitching Post
Don't take it off, he's ugly man!
Don' t rattle my chain boy
Latex Masterjack SJ at MasterJack's
Masterjack SJ and me are inseparable!
Where are my pant? It's cold.
Should we light his cigar?
an old Psycho with 2" webbing
You have 24 hours to escape, bye!
Do I look Pale to you?
Mail or Male bag?
Another shy Psycho
Prisoner #26969 no more escapes
He's lie'n
Variations on a theme
No idle fingers now
We got him collared.
This will keep the head from swelling!
I cannot find my cotacts
Protector latex bodybag
cotton Psycho bodybag

JB is a proud owner of a Max Cita

cupboard for boys

Nice and tight latex
Visit for men who have an interest in experiencing power exchange

Dyed black Psycho.