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Please note safety issues and other points about the use of Caught-In-The-Act products, do read our cotton FAQ page and latex latex FAQ  for additional information



Note the Cotton Exosuit is under redesign and is not available at this time. If you want one do write us about the new design and cost.

Caught-In-The-Act Exosuit - EX-1
This Exosuit a versatile escape challenge cotton suit.   Escape challenges can be from very easy to impossible. Locked in, you might be able to move around or not, but without keys you cannot get out. The Exosuit is more comfortable than a sleepsack for long periods of horizontal suspension, sensory depribvation, or wear it for several days if you choose. You can wear with thin leather, latex , spandex or wet suit if you choose underneath for a differnet experience in sensory deprivation.

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Exosuit: a strong outer cover that keeps everything inside

EX01 - Exosuit


One piece body suit of unbleached natural strong #8 cotton duck, through the crotch front zipper, wrist and ankle zippers, d-rings and loops for belt position, restraint and light suspension.

One pair of  removeable handmitts with two biothane locking wrist straps

One removeable cotton lace-up hood with locking bitothane collar that loops into the exosuit

10 - 2" cotton webbing belts.

Note: padlocks not included

We will let our photos tell you the rest.

The Captivating Details Will Not Escape You

The ultimate restraint product designed for using a few hours or several days.

Lockable hand mitts and collar make escape impossible without the keys. An amazing sesory deprivation or self empowerment experience for hours, days or weeks?

Horizontal suspension is possible using the 2" webbing straps included. For vertical suspension we offer an optional reinforcing.

It takes more than 50 hours to make the suit with typically 26 d-rings, 10 cotton belts, heavy duty nylon zippers. Weighs in at a hefty 7 kg or more. The ultimate confinement Exosuit could be worn over your favourite leather, lycra or latex. For a hot experience Dr. Mad Max wears a wet suit underneath.

D-rings built into the suit arms, sides and shoulders, to attach safety straps, or for partial suspension;

Several cotton removable straps can be used to minimize movement or immobilize in a fixed position for a variety of esvccape challenges;

arms and legs, and roso belt loops are provided to hold each belt in position with or without arms captured in the belts;

Strong cotton webbing reinforces the Exosuit throughout;

2" Exosuit collar with 1" biothane locking collar use one padlock to capture the zipper and the collar (padlock not included);

Locking removable lace-up Cotton Hood, grommet breathing holes only; other thiin hoods might be worn under.

Through the crotch zipper with three zipper sliders to have access at any position without unzipping the whole suit;

Ankle and wrist zippers to make it easier to get on and off, but not easier to escape;

Mitts have a removable locking biothane strap to lock the mitts on the sleeve of the Exosuit;

Mitts have a zipper that can be locked to the biothane strap; it takes a free hand to remove the mitts;

2" cotton belts with pivot jaw buckles are used for extra challange in restraint;

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 Sleeve d-rings and loops for increased tie off points in a challenge
 Wrist zipper locks to biothane belt
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tolp2684 copy.jpg 
 Handmitt - lockable biothane belt holds mitt on Exosuit sleeve
tolp2683 copy.jpg
Belts can loop through mitt for added restraint - loops and d-rings on mitt vary according to sizing

Fetal position escapes are the hardest to achieve, can you do it? 

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Exosuit - EX-1 - Prices in $US

Note the Cotton Exosuit is under redesign and is not available at this time. If you want one do write us about the new design and cost.




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Extra D-rings, you need to specify where

 $5.00 each

Handmitts with padded inserts

 $ 75.00

Boot, loose fit, same cotton material


Padded pillow for legs and/or each arm

 $25.00 each

Storage and carrying bag holds the Exosuit and Options
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