Please note safety issues and other points about the use of Caught-In-The-Act products, do read our cotton FAQ page and latex latex FAQ  for additional information

Please remember to play safe: The grommets set lower down the sides of the bag allow for reasonable air exchange. Never leave a person alone while they are in a restraint. Given that if the person is inside the bag for a long period of time, sweat will soak the bag and make it non-breathable. The holes might allow small tubing to be inserted or to steal hidden keys into the bag for the escape artist.

Caught-In-The-Act Malebag MB-1 and MB-2

MB-1 tP0000563copy.jpg   txd33a_2165copy.JPG MB-2

Here are two suspension escape challenge malebags so strong that they easily lift and hold 250 lbs of static load. (Static or dead load is a weight at rest - not moving. Dynamic load is the weight or mass in motion so that a safety rule often is applied that for dynamic loads, or weight in motion, the suspension device needs to be able to hold 5 times the dead or static load.)

For outdoor adventure, a storage bag that can hold all your gear off the ground while camping or for escape challenges of course.

We feel these bags will make an excellent escape artist's un-suspended or suspended escape challenge device.

For this we call it the Male Bag. (We dared not call it the Female Bag, that really sounds obnoxious and rude. But of course, men and women are welcome to have one.)

Made of 100% imported cotton, very heavy #8 cotton duck, a 3 ply extra dense woven fabric, and non-breathable when wet. We also can make it in #6 cotton duck even heavier and stronger than the standard #8 cotton duck.

We offer the MB-1 and the MB-02 webbing suspension bag

There are 8-d-rings for attachment of vertical lift lines, or closing over the opening.

2" Nylon seatbelt webbing reinforces the cotton bag.



Generally an off the shelf dunnage bag especially the old extra large USA Army dunnage bag would be a great device to use in non suspension escapes. You can see Max's escape act using one:

However, the new issue of bags are not as strong often a polynylon material and certainly not for suspension.

Max designed the larger male bag MB-1 for bigger people. It has triple stitch seams, webbing to reinforce the # 8 cotton duck and a choice of ways to close the opening. If the escape challege is to include movement while suspended we recommend going to a custom made malebag using # 6 cotton duck - write us for information.


Caught-In-The-Act Malebag MB-1

57" deep and 23" in circumference approximately

 Made 57" high, 23" in diameter, the extra length makes full enclosure much easier to enter, and less restrictive for the less flexible person. While some think the larger bag makes it much easier for escape attempts, the degree of difficulty is really a component of how much, and how tight the opening is locked or closed in.  Consider in suspension that escape is only for a person who can lift their bodyweight with one arm for an extended period of time while attempting to undo the ropes and belts at the opening with the free hand. Even Houdini could not do that.

Small grommets are set into the sides of the bag for adequate air exchange.

One or optional two belts can close the opening of the bag.

Large grommets at the opening may be used for rope or chain cincher of the malebag.

Try an escape with the head out  - it is the easier position
Always have a safety present in any escape challenge attempt
The cotton bag is reinforced with 2" nylon seat belt webbing we add a fabic handle to the base for two person lifts. (shown below)
txd33a_6542 copy.jpg
Choices in how to close the opening of the bag: 1 strap, or 2nd strap, 8 large grommets, 8 - D-rings or all together
Max tried this escape challenge and gave up immediately it was - no way out even with the keys in the locks.

Caught-In-The-Act's - Male Bag Prices in US$

Male  Bag

One Size 57 x 23

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Male Bbg with 2 belts



Shipping USA and Canada

Need a custom design - write us.

Having fun with the Malebag MB-01

giving a friend a trial suspension in the MB-01
t1xd33a_2780copy.jpg t1xd33a_2781copy.jpg
MB-1 using single strap to close the opening.
t1xd33a_2785copy.jpg t1xd33a_2787copy.jpg
"Escape that if you can. We will sit and watch."

Caught-In-The-Act Webbed Malebag MB-2

The webbing upper allows a unique form of Escape challenge
 overall size is about 57" tall and 23" in diameter suitable for large people.
The webbing offers a unique escape challenge. How to escape is tougher than it looks
A friend in the MB-2
Seems there is no way out for this guy
"Hurry up and escape we want to go for a beer!"

Caught-In-The-Act's - Webbed Male Bag MB-2 Prices in US$

Male  Bag

One Size 57 x 23

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Male Bbg



Shipping USA and Canada