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The Boot - BSJ

Cotton Boot to match your Straitjacket

A single leg restraint to add a degree of difficulty similar to a sleepsack escape

  • 100% cotton , same as that used in the sjs, and sleepsacks;
  • Front zipper toes to waist for easy on and off with three zipper sliders;
  • Webbing along each side of the Boot hold 4 nylon straps (included): waist, with d-rings above and below the knees, at the ankle;
  • The Boot attaches to the Psycho II straitjacket using the dual crotch straps of the straitjacket and the corresponding adjustable buckles and straps on the Boot;
  • The escape artist will need to discover their best technique for escape. Caught-In-The-Act, Max Cita do not offer escape techniques;
  • Options available- 1.5"  natural cotton/nylon webbing straps instead of all black nylon;
  • Options available - open foot design;
  • Options available -  removable foot strap with  toe d-ring 
tsj1dmm_0060 copy.jpg  tsj1dmm_0062 copy.jpg
Easy to get in standing or sitting
j1dmm_0061 copy.jpg  j1dmm_0066 copy.jpg
Option: Foot strap with toe d-ring
tsj1dmm_0067 copy.jpg    sj1dmm_0068 copy.jpg
Option: 1.5" cotton/nylon belts as shown
Once the boot is done up add the Psycho II
j1dmm_0074 copy.jpg  tsj1dmm_0078 copy.jpg tsj1dmm_0079 copy.jpg
Not recommended to over tighten the boot to the sj, Allow some room to bend the knees and waist  especially if moving from the standing to horizontal position
tsj1dmm_0084 copy.jpg
tsj1dmm_0085 copy.jpg
Detail rear attachment
Detail front attachment
j1dmm_0087 copy.jpg  sj1dmm_0088 copy.jpg  j1dmm_0090 copy.jpg j1dmm_0091 copy.jpg
Loose enough to bend allows you to discover if you might have a successful escape



Black Nylon belts are standard  issue with the Boot

Be sure to see the Boot in use many times at SB

Not sure what size you might be: Our guide here: Boot Measurement Guide

Send us your measurements (personal measurements form for boot) and we will confirm your cost including shipping

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The Boot Options


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1.5" natural Cotton/nylon webbing straps instead of  black nylon



Extra D-rings, sewn-in, you need to specify where


 $5.00 each

Cotton Foot belt with toe d-ring
You can obtain other belt materials as shown on the sleepsack options page - write us for costs
Combination Purchase Savings: Buy the Psycho SJ3 - Hood OP-08 and Boot BSJ2 at the Same Time And Save  between $50.00 and $65.00 write us for details.