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Caught-In-The-Act - Denim Inside Out Straitjacket DIO-1

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Simple pleasure of soft cotton denim, for use with less agressive escape artists:

  • Very comfortable, light weight 12 oz denim
  • rear zipper entry with 1.5" waist belt using nylon side release buckle;
  • 1.5" polypro webbing collar with side release nylon buckle;
  • Internal sleeve sewn into the jacket - captures both arms in one sleeve;
  • Double crotch strap with nylon side release buckles;
  • Option available: locking removable biothane collar OP09;
  • How we make our cotton restraints: Here
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Not sure what size you might be: Our guide here: IO-Measurement Guide

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DIO-1 Inside Out Straitjacket Options


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Locking biothane Collar for the SJ (stronger than leather)



Extra D-rings, you need to specify where


 $5.00 each