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Caught-In-The-Act Cotton Straitjacket - Protector - SJ2 and SJ2-S

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  • Detachable 1-1/2" cotton collar
  • Collar is loose enough to allow thin hoods under the sj;
  • 1.5" closing belts with double pivot jaw buckles
  • Single 2" crotch strap;
  • Option available : 1" locking collar OP09;
  • Option available: 2 - 1.5" crotch straps available
  • Option available: 1.5" shoulder d-rings - see below;
  • How we make our cotton restraints: Here
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Option OP04 shoulder and waist D-rings and Option OP06 dual crotch straps

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Caught-In-The-Act's - Cotton Protector - SJ2

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 SJ2-XS  extra-small




 SJ2-S  small




 SJ2-M  medium




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 SJ2-L  large




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Protector - SJ2 - SJ2-S- Straitjacket Options


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Price $US

 Matching Separate Hood lined, with biothane collar



 Locking 1" Collar for the SJ



 Extra D-rings, you need to specify where


 $5.00 each

 Dual crotch straps



 Biceps strap



Shoulder d-rings


Chest zippers
OP- zip
The boot single pant leg  
D-ring Sleeve ends