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Just How We and Our Friends Get To Enjoy The Escape Challenge In A Psycho ll

Escaping To New Heights At The Top Of Whistler and Blackcomb, BC, Mountains

td4_0745 copy.jpg Looking out on the patios from the balcony at the Delta Hotel on Whistler's Main Street.
td4_0755copy.jpg At the Whistler Skiers Plaza Gondola lift to the summit waiting for the Peak 2 Peak to open
td4_0761copy.jpg You want me to try an escape ? Here? Seriously! I cannot get out of this thing out here, somebody might see my trick!
td4_0763copy.jpg For being on top of Whistler it sure is warm out.
td4_0786copy.jpg On the Fitzsimmons Trail on Blackcomb Mountain. Really stunning views
td4_0788copy.jpg Blackcomb is just as busy in Fall as it is in Winter with tourists. Now ione thing I forgot was my climbing helmet.
td4_0792copy.jpg All smiles on such a beautiful day.
td4_0796copy.jpg Taking the Psycho LL to new heights - all Fun.


td4_1769copy.jpg  td4_1773copy.jpg

"Oh Christmas tree, Oh Christmas...."

Guests At Dr. Mad Max Try Their Psycho ll Escapes

txd33a_6316 copy.jpg
Rest time
txd33a_6320 copy.jpg
He wanted to try and escape!
All wrapped Up
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