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WARNING There is a  FRAUD on EBAY and the Internet

There was an ebay seller using the Drmadmax and Caught-In-The-Act, photos, watermarks and logos to sell products not made by us.   We advised Ebay who took fast action against the Seller. We warn all readers that we do not sell our products on ebay and anyone claiming to, is using identity theft and fraud. We understand the Seller has been barred from Ebay but if any question or concern write us first before buying.  Ebay offers a great service but there are those that may abuse it.

Also there are Chinese knock off sites using our photos to promote their inferior products. We do not sell on any site but our own. If in doubt write us to confirm authentic products. The knock offs could be dangerous to use.

We ask you to notify us about any possible fraudulent use of our names and copywrite protected material in sales and please copy an e-mail to ebay so they can take legal action.

Remembering last year and the holidays



Notice March 1 to  May 15, 2015 we will not be undertaking customer orders.

Latex items no longer made. Write us if you require a repair or parts

Please note safety issues and other points about the use of Caught-In-The-Act products, do read our cotton FAQ page and latex latex FAQ  for additional information

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Notice March 1 to  May 15, 2015 we will not be undertaking customer orders.

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