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Please note safety issues and other points about the use of Caught-In-The-Act products on our FAQ page


Vac Rac - VP-02

Extra Large Size  Approximate Size 48" x 92"

compare that to others typically only 34" x 80"

The amazing vacuum of the vac rac has an air tight zipper once the air is out turn off the suction - no annoying continuous vacuum noise. Details on Page 2


But First this notice:

Warning: Monitor and maintain a safe airway at all times. Caught-In-The-Act and its proprietors do not take any responsibility for misuse, accident or injury that may result from the use of this product. Users are reminded to seek out training from skilled users and know the risks and safe procedures. Close monitoring is required at all times. It is suggested that at least two people operate the Vacpac. In all cases of distress immediately opening the zipper and removing the participant is recommended.

The sensation of the vacuum on the head is very intense and does require care. The pressure can be so intense as to cause restriction in blood flow. Constant communication with the participant is needed to monitor levels of consciousness and degree of comfort during the experience.

What is a Vac rac?

Essentially Caught-In-The-Act makes a roomy latex bag, fitted with porous tubing that forms a frame for the bag, and, an air tight waterproof zipper. A one way valve is fitted into the system. This is used to extract air from the bag by using a vacuum or similar device. The great advantage of this system is the bag can be air tight for up to 60 minutes or more depending on the breathing apparatus. This means that vacuum noise is limited to only the withdrawal of air. With the vacuum off you can clearly communicate with the participants. We believe this adds an element of safety, but also pleasure in the sensory deprivation experience.

 Why remove the air? What is the sensation?

The sensations and reasons are varied. First, there is the element of surprise. The air removed from the bag causes the top and bottom sheets to come together. The latex stretches around the participant and freezes the person's body position. In effect even with partial air withdrawal, the person is unable to move within the bag. Just a little vacuum can create a significant restrictive force. An escape artist will be at a loss as to how to move to get out.

Second, there is the tactile sensations of pressure. The latex compresses all parts of the body. This is a unique tactile sensation that can be very pleasurable for latex or restraint fetish pleasure seeking a sesory deprivation experience. The degree of pressure can be from light - where some movement can be made, to very intense where the vacuum can be so intense the tactile sensation of abrasion and pain can be felt on the skin surface.

Third, the psychological pleasure of immobilization. It is amazing for many to experience total immobilization without the typical restraints. Power and control play can add to that pleasure. While each individual will have their own time limits, average play is from 20 to 45 minutes at a time.

The Vacpac Bag Components

 The Caught-In-The-Act Vacpac Bag is made of latex sheeting and is approximately 42" by 84". Other sizes available as special orders. Vac racs for two people are possible.

The back or bottom sheet is .030" thick black shiny latex. We use this heavier material for durability and sensation that the weight offers. It also wraps over the perimeter piping to make the top sheet fit more evenly.

The upper sheet is amber .020" latex approximately 35" wide. The amber transparent latex is to ensure the participant physical condition can be observed.

There is a waterproof, airtight zipper along one side for ease of entry. This is a very expensive component even at wholesale. We believe the air tight certified for human use zippers are the best. We believe the air tight capability and the limited need for a vacuum makes it absolutely the best worthwhile feature of our vac rac.

There is a 2" plastic tubing that is assembled and inserted around the perimeter of the bag. During the vacuum process air is sucked out of the vac rac through the perimeter tubing and out a one way patented valve. The Vac rac can be disassembled and carried in a bag. Tubes are approximately 3'-6" long.

The Vac rac requires a hard surface in order to keep components in place for the rectangular configuration. The bag can be used without the tubing for other air tight configurations.

This Vac rac does require a breathing tube or other apparatus for use. A small opening is provided for the use of your tubing or our optional airway devices.

Caught-In-The-Act optional airways are offered on page 2.

The Vac rac has an optional canvas zipper bag for storage and carrying, with lots of room for other things. See page 2.



It is important to remove just a little air at a time. It will allow adjustments for the body position, if needed, and gives the person a chance to slowly sense the intense compression of the body. The vacuum is improved when the person uses a mouth tube attached to a latex mask that has only a mouth hole (option available). This limits air leaking into the bag from the nose or mouth.



Allow several degrees of vacuum for the best effect. Be sure to frequently communicate with the person in the vac rac and be ready to release them immediately if there is any distress. Make sure you have visible communication signals.



The head sits well above the floor of the Vacpac. Monitor and adjust where needed the upper latex sheet surrounding the head. The pressure on the face can be extremely intense and painful if there is a latex crease or fold pinching the skin around the neck or face.



With the more intense vacuum the neck and face will be compressed into the sheet. Monitor the participant to ensure the sensation is safe and comfortable. Symptoms and signs of distress are choking sensation, cough, dizziness, headache. Release immediately if any of these signs or symptoms occur. At times the skin may have red marks or edema which will normally disappear in a few hours. Skin that is pinched in folds of latex may bruise. Feet are particularly prone to pain. It is recommended that socks be worn and that feet are turned out, or flat against the lower sheet as pictured.

More information - What we include - Click here Page 2

Instructions on How To:

Assembly, Use and Care of the Vac rac

Prices for the VP-02

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48" x 92"
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approx. 10" x10" x 43"

All other destinations write us for shipping typically $165.00 to Europe. Some countries prohibit oversize parcels.

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